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60+ Hours of Hands-on laboratory Experience – 35+ Examples and Projects – 24-Hour Support – 100% Placement Assurance.

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60+ Hours of Hands-on laboratory Experience – 35+ Examples and Projects – 24-Hour Support – 100% Placement Assurance.


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Comptia A+ represents a growing technology that provides numerous job opportunities for those who know how to use it. Nevertheless, mastering Comptia A+ by yourself may not be the most effective way to find work in the field. TEC Academy provides a high-quality Comptia A+ training course that is delivered by certified experts. After you receive your certification from the Comptia A+ course at TEC Academy, you can get several high-paying job interviews and start your professional journey on the right foot.



You will acquire a strong foundation in Comptia A+.You will acquire a strong foundation in Comptia A+.


If you’re hoping to enhance your Comptia A+ expertise to the next level, our course is excellent for you. Gain from practical experience and valuable methods from our pros, and our high success rate speaks for itself. Do not miss this occasion to study under the top – register today!



Take a course with a relevant syllabus and workshop training.


Grasp by doing. We have created real-world-based labs for each training in the program to ensure you can apply what you’ve gained from the course material. Tecacademy will help you grasp by doing and get the most from your class training by enabling you to use your knowledge in a real-world environment.



Have your questions solved.


You can easily learn Comptia A+ without any concern with our expert support for every single step at Chennai! Our coaches are always available to help you with any questions or problems you may have throughout the course. Having somebody to trust in makes mastering Comptia A+ less daunting and more enjoyable, so sign up today!



One Hundred Percent Money-Back Guarantee.


Tecacademy offers online courses that cater to developers, online marketers, and business leaders. Regardless of your duty or profession, Tecacademy offers a class that can fulfill your needs. Our classes are first-class and guaranteed with a 100% refund policy! If you aren’t satisfied with the course, you can receive a refund back with ease. On the other hand, you can benefit from Tecacademy’s premium and 100% online classes for IT and Software subjects, Business, and Development at an unbelievably low cost.


Becoming a certified Comptia A+ professional with TEC Academy: the benefits.

Industry specialists created and verified TEC Academy’s Comptia A+ programs with value-added features. At the end of our program, our trainees can gain a detailed understanding of Comptia A+. We at TEC Academy assist trainees to understand various ideas related to the Comptia A+ certification program. This helps them to gain a more detailed understanding of the core of Comptia A+.
Our trainers are real Comptia A+ experts who work with IT firms daily and are certified Comptia A+ experts. They will share their years of experience in training programs and equip you with the abilities and knowledge you require to become a Comptia A+ professional.
At TecAcademy, we recognize that every trainee is different and has specific educational requirements. That’s why we offer an individualized curriculum for each of our trainees, customized to their particular needs. Whether you’re struggling with a specific subject or looking to excel ahead of others, we can customize a learning plan that’s just right for you. With our tailored curriculum, you’ll receive the personalized attention and support you require to achieve your academic goals. Get in touch with us today for more information!
We offer open timings for group training to ensure that everyone can get involved. Whether you’re a morning person or a night owl, we have a time slot that will work for you. We also offer several days of the week to meet different schedules. Our group training is best for getting in shape and having a good time. Simply contact us to understand more.
Discovering an economical training class that fulfills your needs can be challenging, however it’s essential to remember that you get what you spend for. Lower-priced classes may not provide the exact same quality guidance as a more costly option. Here at Tecacademy, we supply discounts for those in Chennai in need so they can access our quality training class on Comptia A+ at an economical cost. For more info, speak with us today.
We additionally offer no-cost career guidance and placement services for individuals exploring to change their Comptia A+ or explore new career options. Our offerings include personalized career counseling, resume and cover letter writing, employment search support, and more. We’re here to assist you every stage of the way, so please don’t be afraid to reach out us! Whether you’re looking for your initial career or looking for your subsequent opportunity, we’re here to help you discover the perfect fit.

Our Students Feedback

I'm a student who is trying to receive a job in my area of study. I had applied for Comptia A+ job. In the interview, I was inquired about a variety of primary ideas of Comptia A+ I really did not have any sort of idea regarding it as well as as a result, I got denied. Right now, I have discovered those traits, which helps me to look jobs as well as go to interviews on Comptia A+ related career. I assume TEC Academy is the greatest to assist trainees as well as job hunters to receive a much better career.
The process is pretty direct. If you are interested in upskilling your knowledge, you can easily attend their cost-free trial class to learn more about more about their training format. They assist you to recognize as well as learn the most recent trending programs. I am a massive follower of TEC Academy as well as have told my close friends to make use of this chance.
I have utilized TEC Academy to enhance my knowledge in Comptia A+ course as well as I was among the greatest students in my college. I received more interviews after accomplishing my course as well as the greatest aspect of this company is that you can easily learn at your own pace.
College students
I got a much better job in only one full week. I had been straining for much more than 6 months to get a brand new job. I was discouraged as well as was experiencing like I will certainly never get a brand new job. I was certainly not capable to get a job even after graduating from a famous college. TEC Academy helps me to get a much better job by giving their career advice. With The Help Of TEC Academy.
Software engineer
I battle all the opportunity to receive a brand new as well as much better job. Today I receive more interviews as well as I have a much better job than I have ever had prior to.
Ethical Hacker
I can't say thanks to TEC Academy sufficient. They assisted me upskill my Comptia A+ certifications, as well as I received 19 interviews in two weeks! I'm absolutely visiting work with this institute once more.
Cloud Specialist

{Comptia A+} Certification Course Session FAQ

TEC Academy is actually the greatest institute for Comptia A+ training program. Our company are the only institute in India that gives Comptia A+ Laboratory training program. Our company provide you Comptia A+ Laboratory training program in real-time environment along with the assistance of Comptia A+ hands-on access. The absolute most important factor is our company provide you 100% money-back guarantee.
Yes, You can easily make use of 2 times of demo training class Absolutely Free of cost!!! Our experts will deal with practically the exact same curriculum as well as subject as what you will receive in the real training class. Our demo training class is actually not merely for the sake of providing a trial, it is actually there certainly to comprehend the trainee’s looking forwards as well as to clear all the ideas prior to starting the real training class.
We understand our company offer you a 100% money-back guarantee. Our team believe our Comptia A+ program is globes much better than some other accessible training course system in the marketplace. In the improbable occasion that you’re certainly not pleased along with our Comptia A+ program, after that within the 1st 7 days, you can easily request a full reimbursement. Seriously though, do not fret– we’re fairly confident (no spamming right here) that you will be adequately wowed by our Comptia A+ program!
Comptia A+ uses an assortment of certifications dealing with all components of the Comptia A+ environment. Every one of the certifications are valued quite reasonably as well as start at Rs.8000, offering terrific market value for your cash.
At TEC Academy, our accredited examination centre is actually PearsonVUE. Our Comptia A+ programs are developed to permit you to pass Comptia A+ certification tests promptly and afterwards utilize the Comptia A+ certification to assist you receive your dream job. You may be guaranteed that you will be dealt with fairly by our proctor. Most various other training providers do not have a certified examination center, plenty of trainees do not have an excellent knowledge when taking the examination for certification.
Our coaches are certified Comptia A+ pros as well as have resided in the sector for much more than 6 years right now. They have functioned in many MNCs as a Comptia A+ expert, including TCS as well as Wipro.
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