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Selenium is cutting-edge technology in high demand and has shown great potential. Numerous businesses are looking to employ Selenium specialists and happy to pay top dollar for their skills. So, if you have Selenium proficiency and certification, you can easily make a great deal of income.

Complete Selenium Syllabus

You will be a master of Selenium soon. We have extremely knowledgeable trainers who will teach you the techniques of Selenium. We will have an one-on-one discussion with you to identify your requirement. We will carry out labs and supply you with the tutorials.

Essential course and lab training.

Learn to code at your own rate: Tecacademy integrates gamification, contextual studying and lab time. Practice what you have studied in our labs and get faster and better outcomes. No more struggling to comprehend or recall material ... or forgetting what you have studied. Have the confidence you're heading in the right direction.

Get in touch with a mentor.

You can master Selenium easily and without concern when you have expert support for each step! Our coaches are available to assist you with any questions or issues you may have during the course. Having somebody to trust in makes studying Selenium less difficult and more enjoyable, so register today!

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Online courses for designers, online marketers and business leaders. No matter your role or profession, Tecacademy has the course for you. Our courses are first-class and backed by a 100% money-back guarantee! So if you're not satisfied, simply get your refund - it's that simple.

Why You Come to be A Student with TEC Academy for Selenium course.

Subject specialists developed and examined TEC Academy’s Selenium training courses with value-added features. Our Students can get a complete understanding of Selenium at the end of our course. We (at TEC Academy) assist students understand various principles connected to the Selenium certification course, it helps them to understand the core of Selenium more in detail.

Gain from Selenium specialists.

Our coaches are real Selenium specialists working with IT firms everyday and are certified Selenium professionals. They'll share their years of experience in training programs and prepare you with the abilities and knowledge you require to become a Selenium expert.

We tailor the Selenium course curriculum based on your goals.

At TecAcademy, we understand that every trainee is unique and has special requirements regarding their study. That's why we offer a tailored curriculum for each of our trainees, based on their individual requirements. Whether you're having problem with a specific topic or seeking to do well of the curve, we can tailor a learning strategy that's ideal for you. With our customized curriculum, you'll get the personalized attention and support you require to reach your academic goals. Contact us today for more information!

We have a flexible timings for Corporate/Group Selenium Training.

Tecacademy offers flexible timings for business training sessions. This implies employees can set up the class on their terms and simultaneously that best suits them. As a business employee, you can attend the class on weekdays, weekends and even vacations. This helps employees to master at their own pace and maximize the class. Simply contact us to understand more.

Budget-friendly quality classes.

Discovering an affordable training class that fulfills your requirements can be tricky, however it's important to keep in mind that you get what you pay for. Lower-priced classes may not offer the exact same quality instruction as a more costly option. Here at Tecacademy, we supply discounts for those in need so they can access our quality training class at an affordable rate. For more information, talk with us today.

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We are dedicated to assisting you discover the best work opportunity for you. We work with you to recognize your abilities and match you with the best opportunity. We supply the resources you require to be successful, including access to work postings, work search ideas, and resume assistance. We also offer career counselling and work placement services. Whether you are trying to find your first work or your next work, we can assist you discover the opportunity you are trying to find.

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We assist you earn your international IT certification to get the best jobs worldwide. We supply the best training and resources so that you can pass your exams and get certified. We also assist you discover the best work to begin your career properly.

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I'm a student who is attempting to obtain a job in my area of study. I assume TEC Academy is the finest to assist trainees as well as job applicants to obtain a much better profession.
Cloud Specialist

Our effectively crafted Selenium certification course outline

 What is automation testing?
 When Automation Testing is needed?
 What is the use of automation testing?
 Different Automation Tools available in theMarket.
 What is the difference between Selenium andQTP?

 Java Installation
 Introduction to all predefined packages
 More about JVM, JRE &JDK
 Types of variables
 Data Types in Java
 Introduction to OOPS
 Class
 Object
 Local, Instance and static variables
 Constructors
 Methods
 Arrays
 This keyword
 Final Keyword
 Inheritance and Types
 Working with super classes and subclasses
 Super Keyword
 Using types of polymorphism such as overloading, overriding, and dynamicbinding
 Abstraction
 Encapsulation
 Abstract classes
 Interfaces
 String Methods
 Collections
 Exception Handling
 I/O using Java
 Files (Create/Read/Write operations on files)
 What is Selenium?
 Advantages of Selenium
 Architecture of Selenium WebDriver

 IDE Overview
 RC Overview
 Selenium-Grid
 Selenium Web Driver/Selenium 3.0

 Installing IDE
 IDE icons
 Recording your first test with IDE
 IDE Context Menu
 Assert
 Verify
 Adding IDE comments
 Write your own IDE script without record and playback

 Selenium Internal Architecture
 Downloading web driver Jars configuring in eclipse
 Drivers for Firefox, IE, Chrome, Opera, Safariand HTML UnitDriver.
 What is the difference between RC andWD?
 Installing and Configuring Eclipse for Web Driver

 ID
 Name
 Class Name
 Link Text
 Partial Link Text
 Path
 Edit box
 Link
 Button
 Checkbox
 Radio Button
 Drop Down Box
 Select value
 Display all values
 Select values step by step
 Capture screenshots
 Synchronization Commands In Web Drive
 Implicit wait
 Explicit wait
 Web Driver wait
 File uploads and File downloads
 Handling alerts
 Handling confirmation messages
 Keyboard actions
 Mouse actions
 Handling I frames
 Handling multiple tabs
 Handling popups
 Preparing web driver test cases using customized x-path
 HandlingWebTables
 Interacting with Database
 Interacting with Property File
 Interacting with XML
 Interacting with Excel
 How to Install TestNG plug-in in Eclipse?
 TestNG Annotations
 TestNG sample script
 Selenium testing script from scratch
 Creating Test suites using TestNG
 Reports generation using TestNG
 Parameterized test cases using TestNG framework
 Preparing TestNG Parallel Suite
 Running test multiple times, depends on Methods,Grouping
 TestNG Listener Sample Program
 How to Set up Cucumber in Eclipse
 About Feature,Step Definition and Runner Class
 How to integrate Testng with Cucumber
 Gherkin Keywords
 Cucumber Options
 Parameterization in Cucumber
 Data Driven Testing using Examples Keyword and Data Table

 Why Page Object Model & When it will be effective
 POM Design Rules
 POM Implementation of Rules
 Implementation of testcases using POM framework
 Installing Extent Report Plugin in Eclipse
 Methods in Extent Report
 Extent Report Implementation


 Git Commands (Init,Git Commit,Git Pull,Git Push ..)
 Git Hub Implementations

 Maven Features
 Maven Build Process and Dependencies
 Maven Automation Project Build
 Best Practices

 Install Jenkins
 Setup Maven Project in Jenkins
 Schedule the build
 Best Practices

 Commerce Project
 Travel Booking
 Sample Banking Application

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20+ Hours of Hands-on lab - 35+ case studies and work - 24/7 assistance - 100% Placement Assurance

Selenium Certification Program Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers
TEC Academy is the finest institute for Selenium coaching. Our firm are the only institute in India that gives Selenium Laboratory coaching. Our firm offer you Selenium Laboratory coaching in real-time environment with help from Selenium hands-on access. The very most essential thing is we provide you 100% money-back promise.
Yes! Free Training to – comprehend our curriculum, Understand your assumptions, as well as examine your weak spot places where the real training course may need enhancement.
We understand we provide you a 100% money-back promise. Our company believe our Selenium course is planets far better than any type of other accessible training course system available. In the unlikely event that you’re not satisfied with our Selenium course, at that point within the 1st 7 days, you can seek a complete reimbursement. Very seriously however, don’t worry– we’re rather confident (no spamming right here) that you will definitely be satisfactorily wowed through our Selenium course!
Selenium uses a selection of certifications dealing with all facets of the Selenium environment. All of the certifications are priced very reasonably as well as begin at Rs.8000, delivering great market value for your amount of money.
TEC Academy offers one of the most complete Selenium course from Selenium as well as the finest skills educating for your career. You can pass your Selenium exams confidently because of our delivery of the greatest quality examination content for the Selenium certification exams. Our authorized examination facility is PearsonVUE that makes the examination procedure smooth.
Trainers with powerful expertise. Our firm have a group of guides that have confirmed expertise in the target. With TEC Academy, you can feel confident that you are studying from the finest in the market.
Educating for Practical Use: TEC Academy delivers useful as well as able to be used training in the real world. Our trainers are specialists in their topic as well as have real-world expertise to show you. Unlike numerous other service providers, TEC’s training courses are a lot more than the basics – the training courses are developed for request in the real world as well as focus on useful make use of as opposed to additional theoretical dialogues. And, certainly, you’ll experience the 2 cost-free demonstration training class, 7 days money-back promise, 24/7 assistance, as well as hands-on lab access.

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