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Study React from A Certified React professional - Earn a Big Salary!

React is a groundbreaking modern technology in high demand and has shown terrific opportunity. Numerous businesses wish to employ React professionals and willing to compensate top dollar for their skills. So, if you have React proficiency and certification, you can easily make a great deal of income.

An exceptional React curriculum

Our first-class certified React professionals will help you get the most out of your learning experience by providing hands-on drills and industry-proven methods. Our goal-oriented approach has resulted in a high success rate for our trainees. You'll study best by doing, so sign up today and get started!

Grasp. Get Practice. Earn.

Grasp by doing. We have created real-world-based labs for each training in the program to ensure you can apply what you've gained from the course material. Tecacademy will help you grasp by doing and get the most from your classroom training by enabling you to apply your understanding in a real-world environment.

Free personalized mentorship and coaching.

If you're trying to find a simple and worry-free method to study React, look no further than our expert course with coaches who are always on call to help! Having somebody to trust in for support makes studying React more enjoyable and less challenging, so sign up today!

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Our courses are first-class and backed by a 100% REFUND GUARANTEE! Yes, you see that correctly, if you're not satisfied with any course for any factor, simply get your refund ... it's that easy. TECACADEMY offers top quality, 100% online IT & Software, Business and Web Design training courses for an unbelievably low price tag.

Why You Enroll A Student with TEC Academy for React program.

Subject experts developed and tested TEC Academy’s React courses with value-added features. Our Students can get an extensive understanding of React at the end of our program. We (at TEC Academy) help trainees to understand various ideas associated with the React certification program, it helps them to understand the core of React more in detail.

Master from React professionals.

Our coaches are real React experts working with IT companies everyday and are certified React specialists. They'll share their years of experience in training programs and equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to end up being a React expert.

We personalize the React course curriculum based on your goals.

At TecAcademy, we know that every trainee is unique and has distinct requirements regarding their study. That's why we provide a tailored curriculum for each of our trainees, based on their individual requirements. Whether you're having a hard time with a specific topic or looking to do well of the curve, we can tailor a learning plan that's ideal for you. With our personalized curriculum, you'll get the customized attention and support you need to reach your academic goals. Contact us today for more information!

We have an open timings for Corporate/Group React Training.

We offer flexible timings for group training to guarantee that everybody can take part. Whether you're a day person or a night owl, we have a time slot that will work for you. We also offer different days of the week to meet different schedules. Our group training is ideal for getting in shape and having fun. Just call us to understand more.

Affordable quality classes.

Discovering an economical training class that meets your requirements can be difficult, but it's crucial to remember that you get what you spend for. Lower-priced classes may not offer the very same quality training as a more expensive option. Here at Tecacademy, we provide discounts for those in need so they can access our quality training class at an economical rate. For more info, speak with us today.

We get you Work Opportunities.

We offer free career guidance and assistance to individuals seeking to change careers or check out new career options. Our services consist of one-on-one career counselling, resume and cover letter composing, work search assistance, and more. We are here to help you every step of the method, so please do not be reluctant to call us! We also offer career counselling and work placement services. Whether you are trying to find your first work or your next work, we can help you find the opportunity you are trying to find.

Pass your worldwide IT certification tests.

We help you make your worldwide IT certification to get the best employments worldwide. We provide the best training and resources so that you can pass your tests and get certified. We also help you find the right work to start your career the proper way.

Our Students Feedback

I'm a student who is making an effort to obtain a job in my area of study. I had made an application for React job. In the interview, I was asked concerning various core ideas of React I didn't have any kind of idea concerning it as well as hence, I got turned down. Now, I have understood those things, which assists me to search jobs as well as join job interviews on React related career. I think TEC Academy is the most effective to help trainees as well as job hunters to obtain a much better career.
The procedure is fairly direct. If you want upskilling your knowledge, you can join their cost-free trial training class to get to understand more about their training style. They help you to recognize as well as discover the most up to date trending training programs. I am a huge fan of TEC Academy as well as have told my buddies to capitalize on this chance.
I got more job interviews after finishing my course as well as the greatest part of this service is that you can find out at your own pace.
College students
I received a much better job in just one week. I had been straining for more than 6 months to get a new job. I was disheartened as well as was experiencing like I will never get a new job. I was not able to get a job even after finishing from a famous college. TEC Academy assists me to get a much better job through offering their career guidance. With The Help Of TEC Academy.
Software engineer
I have a hard time all the time to obtain a new as well as better job. Right now I obtain more job interviews as well as I have a much better job than I have ever had just before.
Ethical Hacker
I'm a student who is making an effort to obtain a job in my area of study. I think TEC Academy is the greatest to help trainees as well as job hunters to obtain a much better career.
Cloud Specialist

Our properly crafted React certification course syllabus

This course readies individuals with the demanded skill-sets to have the high-salary profession as they desire. Furthermore, we give them accessibility to our coaches, that are all set to deliver support when trainees utilize our services throughout their course work.
 React JS Introduction
 Advantages of React JS
 Work flow of React JS
 Scope of React JS
 Introduction of Virtual DOM.
 Difference between JS and JSX.
 React Components overview
 Containers and components
 What is Child Components?
 What is Namespaced components?
 What are the JavaScript expressions available in JSX?
 Node setup
 How to use NPM?
 How to create package.json and purpose of it?
 ES6 Introduction and features.
 Webpack Overview
 Best IDE for React JS and How to write optimized code in React JS?
 React JS browser plugins overview.
 Create a React component with JSX template.
 How to create Nested Components?
 What is React JS render?
 React Props overview.
 Introduction of Props validation with data types.
 Flow of States, Initialize states and update states.
 Lists of Form components.
 Setup Controlled and Uncontrolled form components.
 Control Input elements.
 How to set default values on all formats of Input elements.
 React JS Form validations.
 How to write Styles?
 Animations overview
 Initial Render
 Props Change
 Stage Change
 Component willMount
 Component didMount
 Component Unmount
 Single Page Application Overview.
 How to configure React Router?
 History of Router
 How to Handle Conditional statement in JSX?
 IIFE in JSX for complex logic overview.
 onBlur, onKeyUp, onChange and other useful primary events in React JS.
 How to Sharing events between the components?
 CSS and inline styles in React JS overview.
 Introduction to styled components
 How to Load the router library?
 Configure the React Router?
 How to Pass and receive parameters?
 Integration of React-cookie overview.
 What is Flux Architecture?
 What are the Flux Components available?
 Stores.
 Dispatchers.
 View Controllers.
 Actions.
 Views.
 How Flux works?
 Flux and React works together.
 Introduction to One Store.
 Provider Component
 Actions.
 Reducers.
 sagas
 Dispatchers
 View Controllers
 Selector
 What are the necessary Tools required for Unit Testing?
 React Unit Testing overview
 Introduction to JEST.
 How to Test React Component?
 How to Test React Router?
And Practical Hands-on labs. To get the complete course syllabus click here

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55+ Hours of Hands-on lab - 55+ case history and assignments - Around-the-clock support - 100% Placement Assurance

React Certification Course Session Commonly Asked Question

Most frequent questions and answers
TEC Academy is actually India‘s # 1 React Study Institute. Our React Expert coaches give lectures as well as hands-on lab training sessions in the React Study Workshop. We are actually the only institute in Chennai, Tamilnadu to use a 100% Money back guarantee. We have qualified more than 5000+ trainees around the world. We have qualified more than 150+ React professionals that have begun their occupations in huge companies.
2 times Trial Training Free of Cost. Go To Trial Training to understand what you prefer. Know the curriculum as well as the swiftness of trainings just before you choose to join React training.
Listen: our company understand you’ve got a great deal of options when it relates to selecting the React course, but if you’re serious concerning this as well as intend to start making your initial steps toward working with React, after that you should join among the absolute most comprehensive as well as helpful training programs that are on promotion. We offer you a money-back guarantee given that our company understand our item’s fantastic! In the not likely occasion, though (hopefully not!), that you do not really feel as satisfied or may not be happy with what our company offer, please let our company understand within seven days, as well as we’ll happily repay all your cash with no inquiries being asked.
One fantastic React certification in demand is actually the React Certified Solutions Architect Associate. This certification covers each of the core principles provided through React as well as extra. React certification course fees are actually charged to the magnitude of “As per the course curriculum”. React certification course fees could be bought from Rs.8000 depending upon the course curriculum.
TEC Academy gives the absolute most comprehensive React course from React as well as the most effective skill-sets training for your career. You can pass your React tests with confidence due to our delivery of the greatest quality test materials for the React certification tests. Our accredited test center is actually PearsonVUE which makes the test procedure seamless.
Trainers with proven knowledge. We have a crew of guides that have verified knowledge in the subject. With TEC Academy, you can feel confident that you are actually uncovering from the most effective in the market.
Teaching for Practical Use: TEC Academy provides efficient as well as able to be used training in the real life. Our mentors are actually specialists in their topic as well as have real-world knowledge to show to you. Unlike lots of other service providers, TEC’s courses are actually so much more than the essentials – the courses are actually developed for request in the actual as well as pay attention to efficient make use of somewhat than more academic conversations. And, of course, you’ll enjoy the 2 cost-free demonstration lessons, 7 days money-back guarantee, 24/7 support, as well as hands-on lab accessibility.

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