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Python is a groundbreaking technology in high demand and has shown great opportunity. Numerous companies are looking to work with Python professionals and ready to pay top dollar for their competencies. So, if you have Python proficiency and certification, you can quickly make a great deal of money.

You will acquire a strong nitty-gritty in Python

You will be a master of Python very quickly. We have highly experienced trainers who will teach you the techniques of Python. We will have a personalized discussion with you to determine your requirement. We will perform labs and offer you with the tutorials.

Practical skills. Real-world labs.

Study to code at your own speed: Tecacademy integrates gamification, contextual training and lab time. Practice what you have grasped in our labs and get faster and better results. No more failing to understand or recall content ... or forgetting what you have grasped. Have the self-confidence you're heading in the ideal way.

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If you're looking for an easy and stress-free method to learn Python, look no more than our professional course with coaches who are constantly available to help! Having someone to trust in for assistance makes mastering Python more satisfying and less challenging, so register today!

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Why You Join A Student with TEC Academy for Python program.

TEC Academy’s Python classes are tailored and verified by topic experts who have wealthy knowledge of IT. Our People at TEC Academy provide the most cost-effective Python certification course, which guides our students to have amazing job opportunities in India and In foreign countries, particularly in Canada and the U.S.A.

Master from Python professionals.

Our coaches are genuine Python experts working with IT companies daily and are certified Python experts. They'll share their years of experience in training programs and prepare you with the skills and knowledge you need to end up being a Python professional.

We tailor the Python course syllabus based on your goals.

At TecAcademy, we know that every student is different and has unique needs regarding their study. That's why we offer a customized syllabus for each of our students, based on their specific needs. Whether you're struggling with a specific topic or seeking to get ahead of the curve, we can tailor a learning strategy that's ideal for you. With our tailored syllabus, you'll get the individualized attention and assistance you need to reach your academic goals. Contact us today to get more information!

We have a flexible timings for Corporate/Group Python Training.

We provide open timings for group training to guarantee that everybody can participate. Whether you're a morning person or a night owl, we have a time slot that will work for you. We also offer different days of the week to accommodate different schedules. Our group training is perfect for getting in shape and having a good time. Simply contact us to know more.

Surprise Discounts.

Finding an inexpensive training class that meets your needs can be difficult, however it's important to remember that you get what you pay for. Lower-priced classes might not offer the exact same quality guidance as a more costly option. Here at Tecacademy, we offer discounts for those in need so they can access our quality training class at an inexpensive price. For more info, consult with us today.

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We are dedicated to helping you find the best career opportunity for you. We deal with you to determine your skills and match you with the best opportunity. We offer the resources you need to be successful, including access to career posts, career search suggestions, and resume support. We also offer profession counselling and career placement services. Whether you are looking for your very first career or your next career, we can help you find the opportunity you are looking for.

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We help you make your international IT certification to get the very best jobs worldwide. We offer the very best training and resources so that you can pass your examinations and get certified. We also help you find the best career to begin your profession the proper way.

Our Students Feedback

I'm a student who is trying to receive a job in my area of study. I really did not have any sort of tip regarding it and for this reason, I got declined. I think TEC Academy is the finest to help students and job hunters to receive a better profession.
The procedure is quite direct. If you want upskilling your expertise, you can join their totally free trial course to be familiar with more about their training approach. They help you to recognize and discover the most up-to-date trending training programs. I am a significant follower of TEC Academy and have told my close friends to make use of this possibility.
I have utilized TEC Academy to enhance my expertise in Python course and I was just one of the most effective students in my college. I received more interviews after finishing my training course and the most effective aspect of this company is that you can learn at your very own pace.
College students
I got a better job in only one full week. I had been straining for greater than six months to get a brand-new job. I was discouraged and was seeming like I will never get a brand-new job. I was not able to get a job even after finishing from a prominent college. TEC Academy assists me to get a better job by providing their profession guidance. Thanks to TEC Academy.
Software engineer
I battle all the opportunity to receive a brand-new and better job. Right now I receive more interviews and I have a better job than I have ever had just before.
Ethical Hacker
I can not give thanks to TEC Academy enough. They aided me upskill my Python certifications, and I received 19 interviews in two full weeks! I'm most definitely heading to team up with this institute once again.
Cloud Specialist

The content that you discover within this Python training program

As an IT hotshot, you’re typically seeking to make the most of cutting-edge modern technology. Python delivers an unique option to accomplish that, say thanks to TEC academy to bring this Python training course in Chennai

➢ What’s python?
➢ Why do people use python?
➢ Some quotable quotes
➢ A python history lesson
➢ Advocacy news
➢ What’s python good for?
➢ What’s python not good for?
➢ The compulsory features list
➢ Python portability
➢ On apples and oranges
➢ Summary: why python?

➢ Introduction to Sublime & Pycharm
➢ Config Pycharm for Python Project
➢ How Python Runs Programs
➢ How You Run Programs
➢ Configuration Details
➢ Module Files: A First Look
➢ The Idle Interface
➢ Other Python Ides
➢ Time To Start Coding
➢ Lab Session 1
➢ A First Pass
➢ The ‘Big Picture’
➢ Numbers
➢ Dynamic Typing Interlude
➢ Strings
➢ Lists
➢ Dictionaries
➢ Tuples
➢ General Object Properties
➢ Mutable vs Immutable
➢ Summary: Python’s Type Hierarchies
➢ Built-In Type Gotchas
➢ Lab Session 2
➢ Introduction to Reserved Keywords
➢ General Syntax Concepts
➢ Expressions
➢ Print
➢ If Selections
➢ Python Syntax Rules
➢ Documentation Sources Interlude
➢ Truth Tests
➢ While Loops
➢ Break, Continue, Pass, And The Loop Else
➢ For Loops
➢ Comprehensions And Iterations
➢ Loop Coding Techniques
➢ Comprehensive Loop Examples
➢ Basic Coding Gotchas
➢ Preview: Program Unit Statements
➢ Lab Session 3
➢ Function Basics
➢ Scope Rules In Functions
➢ More On “Global” (And “Nonlocal”)
➢ More On “Return”
➢ More On Argument Passing
➢ Special Argument Matching Modes
➢ Odds And Ends
➢ Generator Expressions And Functions
➢ Function Design Concepts
➢ Functions Are Objects: Indirect Calls
➢ Function Gotchas
➢ Optional Case Study: Set Functions
➢ Lab Session 4
➢ Module Basics
➢ Module Files Are A Namespace
➢ Name Qualification
➢ Import Variants
➢ Reloading Modules
➢ Package Imports
➢ Odds And Ends
➢ Module Design Concepts
➢ Modules Are Objects: Metaprograms
➢ Module Gotchas
➢ Optional Case Study: A Shared Stack Module
➢ Lab Session 5
➢ Oop: The Big Picture
➢ Class Basics
➢ A More Realistic Example
➢ Using The Class Statement
➢ Using Class Methods
➢ Customization Via Inheritance
➢ Specializing Inherited Methods
➢ Operator Overloading In Classes
➢ Namespace Rules: The Whole Story
➢ Oop Examples: Inheritance And Composition
➢ Classes And Methods Are Objects
➢ Odds And Ends
➢ New Style Classes
➢ Class Gotchas
➢ Optional Case Study: A Set Class
➢ Summary: Oop In Python
➢ Lab Session 6
➢ Exception Basics
➢ First Examples
➢ Exception Idioms
➢ Exception Catching Modes
➢ Class Exceptions
➢ Exception Gotchas
➢ Lab Session 7
➢ The Secret Handshake
➢ Debugging Options
➢ Inspecting Name-Spaces
➢ Dynamic Coding Tools
➢ Timing And Profiling Python Programs
➢ File Types And Packaging Options
➢ Development Tools For Larger Projects
➢ Summary: Python Tool-Set Layers
➢ Lab Session 7 Continued
➢ System Modules Overview
➢ Running Shell Commands
➢ Arguments, Streams, Shell Variables
➢ File Tools
➢ Directory Tools
➢ Forking Processes
➢ Thread Modules And Queues
➢ The Subprocess And Multiprocessing Modules
➢ Ipc Tools: Pipes, Sockets, Signals
➢ Fork Versis Spawnv
➢ Larger Examples
➢ Lab Session 8
➢ Python Gui Options
➢ Introduction of Tkinter
➢ The Tkinter ‘Hello World’ Program
➢ Adding Buttons, Frames, And Callbacks
➢ Getting Input From A User
➢ Assorted Tkinter Details
➢ Building Guis By Subclassing Frames
➢ Reusing Guis By Subclassing And Attaching
➢ Advanced Widgets: Images, Grids, And More
➢ Designing UI using QT4 Designer
➢ Introduction to PySide2
➢ Converting UI into Application Using PySide
➢ Larger Examples
➢ Tkinter Odds And Ends
➢ Lab Session 8 Continued
➢ Databases and Persistence
➢ Object Persistence: Shelves
➢ Storing Class Instances
➢ Pickling Objects Without Shelves
➢ Using Simple Dbm Files
➢ Shelve Gotchas
➢ Zodb Object-Oriented Database
➢ Python Sql Database Api
➢ Persistence Odds And Ends
➢ Lab Session 9
➢ String Objects: Review
➢ Splitting And Joining Strings
➢ Regular Expressions
➢ Parsing Languages
➢ Regular Expressions
➢ Lab Session 10
➢ Using Sockets In Python
➢ The Ftp Module
➢ Email Processing
➢ Other Client-Side Tools
➢ Building Web Sites With Python
➢ Writing Server-Side Cgi Scripts
➢ Jython: Python For Java Systems
➢ Active Scripting And Com
➢ Other Internet-Related Tools
➢ Lab Session 10
➢ Unicode Text And Binary Data
➢ Managed Attributes
➢ Decorators
➢ Metaclasses
➢ Context Managers
➢ Python 3.X Changes
➢ Lab Session 13
➢ Lab 1: Using The Interpreter
➢ Lab 2: Types And Operators
➢ Lab 3: Basic Statements
➢ Lab 4: Functions
➢ Lab 5: Modules
➢ Lab 6: Classes
➢ Lab 7: Exceptions And Built-In Tools
➢ Lab 8: System Interfaces And Guis
➢ Lab 9: Persistence
➢ Lab 10: Text Processing And The Internet
➢ Lab 11: Decorators And Metaclasses
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60+ Hours of Hands-on laboratory - 40+ case history and work - 24/7 help - 100% Placement Assurance

Python Certification Course Session Commonly Asked Question

Most frequent questions and answers
TEC Academy is actually India‘s # 1 Python Classes Institute. Our Python Expert mentors give lectures and hands-on laboratory sessions in the Python Classes Workshop. We are the only institute in Chennai, Tamilnadu to provide a 100% Money back promise. We have trained even more than 5000+ students around the world. We have trained even more than 150+ Python pros that have begun their professions in major business.
Yes, You can obtain 2 days of demonstration training class Completely Free!!! We will deal with just about the exact same syllabus and subject as what you will get inside the real training class. Our demonstration training class is actually not only for the benefit of providing a trial, it is actually there to understand the student’s desires and to remove all the principles just before starting the real training class.
We understand our company give you a 100% money-back promise. Our company believe our Python training program is worlds better than any sort of various other readily available training plan out there. In the improbable event that you’re not feel free along with our Python training program, then within the 1st 7 days, you can ask for a complete reimbursement. Seriously however, don’t panic– we’re rather self-assured (no spamming below) that you will be suitably excited by our Python training program!
One great Python certification in requirement is actually the Python Certified Solutions Architect Associate. This certification covers each one of the primary principles given by Python and even more. Python training class charges are billed to the extent of “As per the training program syllabus”. Python certification training program charges can be bought from Rs.8000 depending upon the training program syllabus.
TEC Academy delivers the best comprehensive Python training program from Python and the most effective capabilities educating for your career. You can pass your Python examinations with certainty due to our delivery of the greatest quality examination materials for the Python certification examinations. Our authorized examination facility is actually PearsonVUE that makes the examination process seamless.
Our trainers are certified Python pros and have resided in the industry for greater than 6 years now. They have operated in several MNCs as a Python expert, including TCS and Wipro.
You should take in the Python training course because you will take in the excitement of technology and go up the IT field. TEC Academy is among the leading training institutes in Tamilnadu, delivering high quality training program at an inexpensive price. We have a pool of expert instructors and a properly designed infrastructure that assists our company give high quality training. So, Not just because our company are just one of the most effective, yet our learning sessions are fun, well-structured, interactive and content-rich, delivering an absolutely hands-on experience. As well as, certainly, you’ll enjoy the 2 totally free demonstration training class, 7 days money-back promise, 24/7 help, and hands-on laboratory accessibility.

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