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Oracle Primavera P6 Training program Syllabus that helps make you professional

Having the Oracle Primavera P6 certification training course syllabus shows that you have what it takes to be a master at your job. This training course preps individuals with the required capabilities to have the high-salary job as they desire. Additionally, our company provide them accessibility to our coaches, who prepare to deliver support when trainees utilize our services in the course of their training course assignment.
Section 1: Introduction
➢ Introduction about Portfolio, Program and Projects
➢ Introduction to Project Management
➢ Introduction to Primavera
➢ History of Planning
➢ Skills required for Planning
➢ Project Phases & Life Cycle
Section 2: Primavera P6 Architecture
Learning Objective: In this Chapter, you can able to understand P6
Architecture in detail

➢ Primavera P6 PPM vs EPPM vs Cloud
➢ Primavera Architecture in detail
➢ Database options in P6
Section 3: Portfolio Program & Project Structure Creation
Learning Objective: In this Chapter, you will be introduced to P6 tool
options and settings. Creating Portfolio, Program and Projects.
➢ Setting up Enterprise Project Structure (EPS)
➢ Setting up Organizational Breakdown Structure (OBS)
➢ User Administration
➢ User control & Limited Access Provisions
➢ Setting User Preferences
➢ Creating a Project
➢ Defining Project Status
➢ Setting up Project Dates
➢ Setting up Project Codes
➢ Project Parameters
Hands-on Practicals:
➢ Creating Portfolio, Program and Project assigning responsible
➢ Understanding the project information and details in depth
➢ Primary settings to be done in P6 tool in User Preference and
Admin Preferences
Section 4: Project Code and Calendars
Learning Objective: In this Chapter, you will be familiar in creating
Calendar and Project Codes.
➢ Project Codes
➢ Calendar
➢ Global Calendar
➢ Project Calendar
➢ Resource Calendar
Hands-on Practicals:
➢ Creating Project Codes and performing it grouping option
➢ Creating all three types of Calendar – Work Week, Exception
and Holiday setup
Section 5: Project Time Management
Section 5.1: WBS & Activities
Learning Objective: In this Chapter, you will deep dive into WBS,
Activities, types and its relationship.
➢ Creating Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
➢ Defining Work Package & Creating Project Activities
➢ Activity Codes
➢ Activity Types
➢ Duration Types
➢ Percentage Completion Types
➢ Activity Resource units loading
➢ Applying activities relationships (Logical connection)
➢ Relationship Types
➢ Creating Activity Steps
➢ Feeding Activity information to Execution Team
➢ Activity Summary
➢ Notebooks
Hands-on Practicals:
➢ Creating WBS, Work Package and activities – Understanding
activity details
➢ Practicing on creating all types of activities
➢ Establishing relationship between activities – Four types
➢ Understanding duration types in activities and activity steps
Section 5.2: Scheduling and Constraints
Learning Objective: In this Chapter, you will get expertise in Scheduling
and applying constraints
➢ Scheduling Types
➢ Retained Logic
➢ Progress Override
➢ Actual Dates
➢ Scheduling Option
➢ Scheduling Logs
➢ Applying Constraint
➢ Types of Constraints
Hands-on Practicals:
➢ Exercise for all scheduling types during out of sequence
➢ Applying different constraints in activities and understanding its
Section 6: Project Resource management
Learning Objective: In this Chapter, you will get knowledge of creating
resources and mapping resources to project activities effectively
➢ Types of Resources
➢ Units of Measures
➢ Creating Resource
➢ Default & Maximum units per time
➢ Resource Price revisions
➢ Resource Shift Creation
➢ Assigning the resource to activities
➢ Resource Codes
➢ Creating Roles
➢ Assigning roles to resources
➢ Assigning roles to activities
➢ Resource Loading
➢ Resource Curves
➢ Bucket Loading
➢ Project Resources Leveling and it types
Hands-on Practicals:
➢ Creating all three type of resources – Setting up appropriate
units and maximum units
➢ Assigning roles to user
➢ Mapping or loading resources to project activities
➢ Applying resource curves based on working pattern expected
➢ Apply all types of resource levelling to avoid over allocation
Section 7: Project Cost Management
Learning Objective: In this Chapter, you will be familiar in creating
costing and managing it.
➢ Project Funding Sources
➢ Activity Costing
➢ Expenses
➢ Estimating Budgeted and Actual cost for Activities
➢ Establishing budgets for Work Packages
➢ Estimating Project Budgets
➢ Preparing Project Cash Flow
➢ Cost Comparison Analysis
➢ Cost Monitoring & Revisions
➢ Project Budget revisions
Hands-on Practicals:
➢ Creating Funding source and Cost accounts
➢ Working with Budget log, spending plan and summary
➢ Comparison of budgeted cost and actual cost of all activities
during execution
➢ Monitoring and revising cost after the comparison
Section 8: Project Risk Management
Objective: In this Chapter, you will get expertise in creating and
managing risk in P6.
➢ Identifying Project Risk
➢ Categorizing Risk
➢ Risk Status
➢ Analysing Pre-Risk Impact
➢ Setting Risk control plan
➢ Post Risk Impact Analysis
➢ Finding Risk Cost
➢ Cause and Effect Analysis
Hands-on Practicals:
➢ Creating Risk – Categorize it, Updating Pre-risk, Control plan
and Post Risk Impact
➢ Mapping the risk to corresponding expected WBS or Activities
Section 9: Project Monitoring & Control
Learning Objective: In this Chapter, you will be familiar in updating
project and controlling it.
➢ Setting up & Assigning Baselines
➢ Apply Actuals
➢ Progress Update
➢ Look Ahead Schedule
➢ Delay Impact Analysis
➢ Earned Value Analysis
➢ S-Curve Analysis
➢ Usage of Project Thresholds
➢ Project Issue Register
➢ Working in Project Issues
➢ Project Tracking
Hands-on Practicals:
➢ Baseline Creation &Assigning Baseline to the project –
Comparison of baseline vs Actual
➢ Updating Project Progress – Manual,Update Progress and Apply
➢ Monitoring using Earned Value Graph and Tables – Percentage
➢ Setting Threshold through different parameter and triggering
issues automatically
➢ Exercise for all four tracking layout views available in P6
Section 10: Schedule Comparison
Learning Objective: In this Chapter, you will be familiar in comparing the
Project schedules.
➢ Importance of Schedule Comparison
➢ Visualizer Tool
➢ Comparing different version of projects
➢ Comparing different version of baselines
➢ Comparison general and advanced options in P6
Hands-on Practicals:
➢ Creating new comparison
➢ Creating new comparison report version using existing version
and opening the existing application version
➢ Analyzing the comparison report
Section 11: Reflections
Learning Objective: In this Chapter, you will be familiar in creating
➢ Copying Project and Reflections
➢ Difference between Project Copying and reflection
➢ Merging the changes to Source Project
Hands-on Practicals:
➢ Create reflection of existing project and make changes in the
➢ Merging the changed version to the source
Section 12: Reporting
Learning Objective: In this Chapter, you will be familiar in working with
all types of reports in P6
➢ Default Reports
➢ Global Reports
➢ Project reports
➢ Creating Report groups
➢ Creating Reports using Report Editor
➢ Creating Reports using Report Wizard
➢ Template Reporting
➢ Modifying existing reports
➢ Batch Reports – Creating and Running Batch Reports
➢ Procurement Report
➢ Project Progress Report
➢ Schedule Comparison Report
➢ Weekly Report
➢ Project Cost Report
➢ Project Closing Report
➢ Client Report
Hands-on Practicals:
➢ Creating reports using both Report editor and Wizard
➢ Utilizing the default reports
➢ Customizing any type of report
➢ Creating and executing batch reports
➢ Generating reports in different file formats
Section 13: Other Important Features
Learning Objective: In this Chapter, you will be familiar in all important
P6 tool features.
➢ Managing Multiple Projects
➢ Project Work Products & Documents
➢ Creating Layouts and Maintaining layouts
➢ User Defined Fields
➢ Global Change
➢ Store Period Performances
➢ Recalculate Assignment Cost
➢ Import & Export the project data

Hands-on Practicals
➢ Global change usage in Calendar, Activity codes and Status
➢ Creating and saving Layouts for Cost, Baseline, Earned Value
➢ Import and Export for single and multiple projects
Section 14: Projects
➢ Commercial Building Planning loaded with 50+ Activities
➢ Residential Building – Villa Type
➢ Residential Building – Apartment Type
➢ Bridge Construction
➢ Power Plant Construction
➢ Maintenance of Oil & Gas Plant

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