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PMP management Certification Training Course Highlights

PMP management is a flourishing technology with many work opportunities for those who know how to use it. However, learning PMP management on your own is not the best method to get a job in the field. TEC Academy provides a PMP management training course trained by certified experts. When you receive your certification from the PMP management course at TEC Academy, you can get many high-paying work interviews and start your profession on the right foot.

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Our superior certified PMP management experts will assist you get the most out of your learning experience by supplying hands-on tasks and industry-proven suggestions. Our ambitious method has led to a high success rate for our trainees. You'll study best by doing, so register today and begin!

Get a real-world education.

Tecacademy encourages your LEARNING by assisting you to apply theoretical knowledge in a real-world environment. Our Teach-Learn-Market model enables learners to practice and apply skills and concepts grasped in class by working on real-world projects.

Get your questions solved.

You can learn PMP management easily and without concern when you have professional support for every single step! Our coaches are available to assist you with any questions or issues you might have during the course. Having someone to rely on makes learning PMP management less daunting and more pleasurable, so register today!

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Online courses for developers, marketers and business leaders. No matter your role or occupation, Tecacademy has the course for you. Our courses are superior and backed by a 100% money-back guarantee! So if you're not pleased, simply get your money back - it's that easy.

Reasons to Register PMP management Certification program with TEC Academy.

TEC Academy’s PMP management training courses are made and tried out by subject experts who have superb understanding of IT. Our People at TEC Academy deliver the most cost-effective PMP management certification training course, which helps our trainees to secure reliable job opportunities in India and In other countries, especially in Canada and the U.S.A.

Gain from PMP management experts.

Our trainers are real PMP management specialists working with IT firms daily and are certified PMP management professionals. They'll share their years of experience in training programs and prepare you with the skills and knowledge you require to end up being a PMP management professional.

We customize the PMP management course syllabus based on your needs.

At TecAcademy, we understand that every student is unique and has distinct needs regarding their education. That's why we provide a tailored syllabus for each of our trainees, based on their individual needs. Whether you're having problem with a particular subject or looking to get ahead of the curve, we can customize a learning plan that's perfect for you. With our personalized syllabus, you'll get the personalized attention and support you require to reach your academic goals. Contact us today to find out more!

We have a flexible timings for Corporate/Group PMP management Training.

Tecacademy offers open timings for business training sessions. This means personnels can schedule the class on their terms and simultaneously that best matches them. As a business worker, you can go to the class on weekdays, weekends and even vacations. This assists personnels to learn at their own speed and make the most of the class. Simply contact us to understand more.

Inexpensive quality classes.

Discovering an economical training class that satisfies your needs can be challenging, however it's crucial to keep in mind that you get what you spend for. Lower-priced classes may not offer the very same quality training as a more expensive option. Here at Tecacademy, we supply discounts for those in need so they can access our quality training class at an economical cost. For more information, speak to us today.

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We provide free profession guidance and help to individuals looking for to change professions or explore brand-new profession choices. Our services include individualized profession counselling, resume and cover letter composing, employment search help, and more. We are here to assist you every step of the method, so please do not think twice to contact us! We also offer profession counselling and employment placement services. Whether you are trying to find your very first employment or your next employment, we can assist you find the opportunity you are trying to find.

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We assist you earn your worldwide IT certification to get the best jobs worldwide. We supply the best training and resources so that you can pass your tests and get certified. We also assist you find the right employment to start your profession properly.

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PMP management Certification Training course Syllabus

As an IT professional, you’re always seeking to get whole benefit of new modern technology. PMP management offers a best chance to complete that, say thanks to TEC academy to bring this PMP management training course in Chennai

Section 1.1: Building a team
 Assess and evaluate team members skills
 Analyse and deduce project resource requirements
 Continuously assess and refresh team skills to meet project needs
 Continuous Learning and Knowledge Transfer

Section 1.2: Defining team ground rules
 Communicate organizational principles with team and external stakeholders
 Establish a conducive environment that fosters adherence to ground rules
 Manage ground rule violations

Section 1.3: Negotiating project agreements
 Analyse the boundaries of negotiations for agreement
 Assess the priorities and determine the objectives
 Verify if the objectives of the project agreement are met
 Participate in agreement negotiations
 Determine a negotiation strategy

Section 1.4: Empowering team members and stakeholders
 Organize around team strengths
 Support team task accountability
 Determine and bestow levels of decision-making authority

Section 1.5: Training team members and stakeholders
 Determine competencies and elements of training
 Determine training options based on training needs
 Allocate resources for training
 Measure training outcomes

Section 1.6: Engaging and supporting virtual teams
 Examine virtual team members needs
 Investigate options for colocation
 Implement appropriate communication channels for virtual team member
 Continually monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of virtual team member

Section 1.7: Building shared understanding about a project
 Identify the root cause of misunderstanding
 Try to reach consensus among all parties
 Support outcomes of parties’ agreement

Section 2.1: Determining the best project methodology, methods and practices for
the work
 Assess project needs, complexity, and magnitude
 Recommend project execution strategy (e.g., contracting, finance)
 Recommend a project methodology/approach (i.e., predictive, agile,
 Use iterative, incremental practices throughout the project life cycle

Section 2.2: Planning and managing scope
 Determine and prioritize requirements
 Break down scope (e.g., WBS, backlog)
 Monitor and validate scope

Section 2.3: Planning and managing budgets and resources

 Estimate budgetary needs based on the scope of the project and lessons
learnedfrom past projects
 Anticipate future budget challenges
 Monitor budget variations and work with governance process to adjust
 Plan and manage resources

Section 2.4: Planning and managing your schedule

 Estimate project tasks (milestones, dependencies, story points)
 Utilize benchmarks and historical data
 Prepare schedule based on methodology
 Measure ongoing progress based on methodology
 Modify schedule, as needed, based on methodology
 Coordinate with other projects and other operations

Section 2.5: Planning and managing quality of products/deliverables
 Determine quality standard required for project deliverables
 Recommend options for improvement based on quality gaps
 Continually survey project deliverable quality

Section 2.6: Planning and managing procurement
 Define resource requirements and needs
 Communicate resource requirements
 Manage suppliers/contracts
 Plan and manage procurement strategy
 Develop a delivery solution

Section 3.1: How to assess and manage risks
 Determine risk management options
 Iteratively assess and prioritize risks

Section 3.2: How to focus on delivering business value
 Assess opportunities to deliver value incrementally
 Examine the business value throughout the project
 Support the team to subdivide project tasks as necessary to find the
minimumviable product

Section 3.3: Managing communications
 Analyze communication needs of all stakeholders
 Determine communication methods, channels, frequency, and level of
detail for allstakeholders
 Communicate project information and updates effectively
 Confirm communication is understood and feedback is received

Section 3.4: Working with stakeholders
 Analyze stakeholders (e.g., power interest grid, influence, impact)
 Categorize stakeholders
 Engage stakeholders by category
 Develop, execute, and validate a strategy for stakeholder engagement
Section 3.5: Creating project artifacts

Determine the requirements (what, when, where, who, etc.) for managing
theproject artifacts
 Validate that the project information is kept up to date (i.e., version control)
and accessible to all stakeholders
 Continually assess the effectiveness of the management of the project

Section 3.6: How to manage project changes
 Anticipate and embrace the need for change (e.g., follow change
 Determine strategy to handle change
 Execute change management strategy according to the methodology
 Determine a change response to move the project forward

Section 3.7: How to manage projects issues
 Recognize when a risk becomes an issue
 Attack the issue with the optimal action to achieve project success
 Collaborate with relevant stakeholders on the approach to resolve the

Section 3.8: How to ensure knowledge transfer for project continuity
 Discuss project responsibilities within team
 Outline expectations for working environment
 Confirm approach for knowledge transfers

Section 4.1: Leading a team
 Set clear vision and mission
 Support cultural differences
 Value servant leadership and lead by example
 Inspire, motivate, and influence team members/stakeholders
 Analyse and understand team members/stakeholders influence
 Maintain coordination between multiple project teams

Section 4.2: Supporting team performance
 Set KPIs for team members and appraise their performance against those
 Support and recognize team members growth and development
 Verify performance improvements

Section 4.3: Addressing and removing impediments, obstacles and blockers
 Determine and prioritize critical impediments for the team

Section 4.4: Managing conflict
 Interpret the source and stage of conflict
 Analyze the context for conflict
 Evaluate or recommend the appropriate conflict resolution technique

Section 4.5: Collaborating with stakeholders
 Evaluate engagement needs of the stakeholders
 Optimize alignment between stakeholder needs, expectations and project
 Build trust and influence stakeholders to accomplish project objectives

Section 4.6: Mentoring stakeholders
 Allocate the time to mentoring
 Recognize and act on mentoring opportunities

Section 4.7: Using emotional intelligence to promote team performance
 Analyze personality indicators and adjust to the emotional needs of key
project stakeholders

To get the complete course syllabus click here

To get the complete course syllabus click here

Do you want full course syllabus? or Do you want to custom PMP management course syllabus?

35+ Hours of Hands-on laboratory - 40+ case studies and assignments - 24/7 help - 100% Placement Assurance

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TEC Academy is actually India‘s # 1 PMP management Coaching Institute. Our PMP management Expert coaches provide lectures and hands-on laboratory training sessions in the PMP management Coaching Workshop. Our company are actually the only institute in Chennai, Tamilnadu to give a 100% Money back guarantee. Our company have actually taught much more than 5000+ trainees all over the world. Our company have actually taught much more than 150+ PMP management professionals who have actually begun their occupations in large business.
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At TEC Academy, our accredited examination center is actually PearsonVUE. Our PMP management training programs are actually developed to enable you to pass PMP management certification tests promptly and afterwards utilize the PMP management certification to help you get your goal proffesion. You may be assured that you will be dealt with fairly by our delegate. The majority of various other training companies do not have a legitimate examination facility, plenty of trainees do not have a good experience when taking the examination for certification.
Tutors along with solid knowledge. Our company have a group of coaches who have confirmed knowledge in the target. With TEC Academy, you can easily rest assured that you are actually grasping from the most effective in the market.
You should uncover the PMP management course considering that you will uncover the excitement of technology and move up the IT market. TEC Academy is just one of the leading training institutes in Tamilnadu, providing top quality coaching at an economical cost. Our company have a pool of expert tutors and a properly designed infrastructure that assists us provide top quality training. Therefore, Not merely considering that our firm are actually one of the most effective, but our learning sessions are actually fun, well-structured, active and content-rich, providing a really hands-on knowledge. And also, naturally, you’ll enjoy the 2 free of charge trial lessons, 7 days money-back guarantee, 24/7 help, and hands-on laboratory accessibility.
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