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Comptia Network+ Certification Course Features

Comptia Network+ is a growing technology with many career opportunities for those who learn how to use it. Nevertheless, mastering Comptia Network+ by yourself is not the very best way to get a work in the field. TEC Academy offers a Comptia Network+ training course trained by certified professionals. When you get your certification from the Comptia Network+ course at TEC Academy, you can get many high-paying career interviews and begin your profession on the right foot.

An outstanding Comptia Network+ syllabus

Our superior certified Comptia Network+ professionals will help you get the most out of your training experience by providing hands-on drills and industry-proven tips. Our goal-oriented approach has led to a high success rate for our students. You'll study best by doing, so register today and get started!

Essential course and practical training.

Learn by doing. We have developed real-world-based labs for each training in the program to guarantee you can apply what you've gained from the course material. Tecacademy will help you grasp by doing and get the most from your classroom training by enabling you to apply your knowledge in a real-world environment.

Link with a coach.

You can learn Comptia Network+ easily and without concern when you have expert assistance for every single step! Our mentors are accessible to help you with any concerns or problems you might have during the course. Having somebody to rely on makes mastering Comptia Network+ less daunting and more satisfying, so register today!

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Online courses for designers, marketers and business leaders. No matter your duty or profession, Tecacademy has the course for you. Our courses are first-class and backed by a 100% money-back guarantee! So if you're not pleased, simply get your refund - it's that simple.

End Up Being a Certified Comptia Network+ expert with TEC Academy.

Subject experts created and tested TEC Academy’s Comptia Network+ courses with value-added features. Our Trainees can get a thorough understanding of Comptia Network+ at the end of our course. We (at TEC Academy) help trainees to understand different concepts connected to the Comptia Network+ certification course, it helps them to understand the core of Comptia Network+ more in detail.

Master from Comptia Network+ professionals.

Our coaches are genuine Comptia Network+ specialists working with IT firms daily and are certified Comptia Network+ experts. They'll share their years of experience in training programs and equip you with the abilities and knowledge you require to become a Comptia Network+ expert.

We customize the Comptia Network+ course syllabus based on your goals.

At TecAcademy, we know that every student is different and has special requirements regarding their study. That's why we provide a tailored syllabus for each of our students, based on their specific requirements. Whether you're having problem with a specific subject or looking to do well of the curve, we can customize a learning strategy that's simply right for you. With our tailored syllabus, you'll get the customized attention and assistance you require to reach your academic goals. Contact us today to find out more!

We have a flexible timings for Corporate/Group Comptia Network+ Training.

We provide flexible timings for group training to guarantee that everyone can take part. Whether you're a morning person or a night owl, we have a time slot that will work for you. We also offer different days of the week to serve different schedules. Our group training is perfect for getting in shape and having enjoyable. Simply contact us to know more.

Inexpensive quality classes.

Discovering a cost effective training class that meets your requirements can be challenging, however it's crucial to remember that you get what you pay for. Lower-priced classes may not offer the very same quality training as a more pricey option. Here at Tecacademy, we supply discounts for those in need so they can access our quality training class at a cost effective price. For more info, talk with us today.

We get you Work Opportunities.

We understand that discovering a brand-new employment can often be daunting and even dissuading. Our mission is to help you through every step of the way, from resume writing to job interviewing tips. We are dedicated to discovering the ideal employment opportunity and will work with you carefully to match your abilities with the ideal opening. With our resources and assistance, you will have everything you require to be successful in your employment search. We also offer profession counselling and employment placement services. Whether you are trying to find your very first employment or your next employment, we can help you discover the opportunity you are trying to find.

We Prepare You To Earn Your Global IT Certification.

We help you earn your global IT certification to get the very best careers worldwide. We supply the very best training and resources so that you can pass your exams and get certified. We also help you discover the ideal employment to begin your profession the ideal way.

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Cloud Specialist

Comptia Network+ Certification Training course Curriculum

As an IT hotshot, you’re always seeking to make the most of unique modern technology. Comptia Network+ presents a best opportunity to complete that, say thanks to TEC academy to bring this Comptia Network+ training course in Chennai
Module 1: Safety and Professionalism
Tools of the Trade
Troubleshooting Theory
Module 2: The Visible Computer
Tour of the primary PC components including the computer case, monitor, and various peripherals including the keyboard, mouse, speakers, and more.
Primary PC Connections
External Connections
Inside the PC
What is a Computer?
Module 3: CPUs
What is a CPU?
CPU Speeds and Cores
CPU Sockets
Installing a CPU
Liquid Cooling
Module 4: RAM
RAM Technology
RAM Capacity
RAM Features
Installing RAM
Module 5: Firmware
What is the BIOS?
System Setup
Troubleshooting Firmware
Module 6: Motherboards
Form Factors
Touring the Motherboard
Touring the Case
Installing a Motherboard
Module 7: Power Supplies
Mounting a Power Supply
Choosing a Power Supply
Cooling Your PC
Troubleshooting Power Supplies
Troubleshooting Core Components
Module 8: Mass Storage Technologies
Introduction to Mass Storage
Magnetic Disk Drives
Solid State Drives
Boot Order
Module 9: Implementing Mass Storage
New Installation – First Drive
Hardware RAID
Mass Storage Troubleshooting
Module 10:Essential Peripherals
Optical Media
USB Standards
Understanding USB
Configuring USB
Thunder and Lightning
Keyboards and Mice
Sight and Sound
Readers and Scanners
Using Expansion Cards
Module 11: Building a PC
The Right PC for the Job
Module 12: Display Technologies
Monitor Technologies
LCD Breakdown
Graphics Cards and Connections
Installing a Graphics Card
Troubleshooting Monitors
Module 13: Essentials of Networking
Introduction to Networking
Hubs vs. Switches
WANs and Routers
Cables and Connectors
Crimping Cables
Structured Cabling
Module 14: Local Area Networking
Introduction to TCP/IP
Network IDs and Subnet Masks
Special IP Addresses
Dynamic IP Addressing
Port Numbers
Understanding DNS
Working with DNS
Windows Naming
Basic Router Configuration
Advanced Router Configuration
VLANs Network Troubleshooting
Module 15: Wireless Networking
Wireless Network Hardware
Wi-Fi Standards
Basic WAP Setup
Connecting to a Wi-Fi Network
Beyond Wi-Fi
Troubleshooting Wireless Connections
Module 16: The Internet
Beyond the LAN
Internet Tiers
Dial-up Connections
Broadband Connections
Firewalls and Servers
Proxy Servers
Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)
Internet of Things (IoT)
Module 17: Virtualization
Understanding Virtualization
Your First Virtual Machine
Advanced Virtualization Setup
Cloud Computing
Cloud Ownership
Cloud-Based Applications
Module 18: Portable Computing
Laptop Features
Laptop Hardware Troubleshooting – The Tools
Laptop Hardware – Core Hardware
Laptop Hardware – CPU and Motherboard
Touring Your Laptop Display
Module 19: Understanding Mobile Devices
What is a Mobile Device?
Mobile Connections
Touring Android
Touring iOS
Virtual Reality
Module 20: Care and Feeding of Mobile Devices
Maintaining Mobile Devices
Mobile Devices and E-mail
Mobile Synchronization
Module 21: Printers and Multifunction Devices
Laser Printers
Inkjet Printers
Impact Printers
Thermal Printers
Installing a Local Printer
Sharing Printers
Installing Wireless and Cloud Printers
Troubleshooting Printers
3D Printing
Module 22: Securing Computers
Dealing with Threats
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35+ Hours of Hands-on lab - 60+ case history and assignments - Around-the-clock support - 100% Placement Assurance

Comptia Network+ Certification Course Session Common Questioned

Most frequent questions and answers
TEC Academy is actually the very best institute for Comptia Network+ training course. We are the only institute in India that offers Comptia Network+ Lab training course. We provide you Comptia Network+ Lab training course in real-time environment with help from Comptia Network+ hands-on access. The absolute most important point is our firm use you 100% money-back warranty.
2 days Demo Class Free of Cost. Participate In Demo Class to recognize what you yearn for. Know the syllabus and the pace of classes just before you make a decision to join Comptia Network+ training program.
We understand our firm provide you a 100% money-back warranty. Our team believe our Comptia Network+ training program is globes better than any kind of various other readily available training system out there. In the unexpected event that you’re not feel free along with our Comptia Network+ training program, then within the initial seven days, you can seek a complete reimbursement. Very seriously however, don’t panic– we’re pretty self-assured (no spamming listed here) that you will be adequately impressed by our Comptia Network+ training program!
One great Comptia Network+ certification in requirement is actually the Comptia Network+ Certified Solutions Architect Associate. This certification covers every one of the core principles provided by Comptia Network+ and more. Comptia Network+ certification course costs are charged to the extent of “As per the training program syllabus”. Comptia Network+ certification training program costs can be bought from Rs.8000 depending upon the training program syllabus.
At TEC Academy, our authorized exam center is actually PearsonVUE. Our Comptia Network+ training courses are created to enable you to pass Comptia Network+ certification exams rapidly and then utilize the Comptia Network+ certification to help you obtain your goal job. You can be ensured that you will be dealt with fairly by our representative. Many various other training firms do not have an authorized exam center, many students don’t possess a good adventure when taking the exam for certification.
Our tutors are certified Comptia Network+ pros and have resided in the field for much more than 6 years right now. They have functioned in a lot of MNCs as a Comptia Network+ professional, including TCS and Wipro.
TEC Academy is actually one of the very best instruction institutes in Chennai, Tamilnadu due to the fact that our firm provide high quality instruction at a cost effective price. We have a group of pro tutors and, a properly designed infrastructure & well-structured training sessions. And, certainly, you’ll enjoy the 2 free of charge trial classes, 7 days money-back warranty, 24/7 support, and hands-on lab access.
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